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  • King James Dictionary 2.20

    Is the King James Bible full of hard to understand, archaic, obsolete words?  Do you know the meanings of "avouch", "bruit", "collop", "durst", and "emerods"?  The King James Bible can be difficult to understand for many
  • Websters American Family Dictionary 3.5

    The first Modern american dictionary to cover the Bible and contemporary language A Pocket PC PDA dictionary program, featuring the Webster's american Family dictionary. The aim of the Webster's american Family
  • Kwanzaa Heritage 2.5

    This program celebrates the African-american festival of Kwanzaa. Uniquely american, this program produces a suitable for framing certificate personalized with a family or person's name as the centerpiece for their
  • Webster's American Family Dictionary with DEPReader

    The aim of the Webster's american Family dictionary is unique and challenging: it is to capture and record the standard vocabulary of american English in a way that reflects the common ethical, moral, religious, social,
  • BibleMax Noah Webster's Dictionary Of

    Noah Webster (1758-1843) is perhaps the most known american linguist and writer. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the cultural independence of the United States which, in his view, should affect issues like language,
  • American Splendor Screensaver 3.0

    american Splendor free Comedy Screensave... download the free american Splendor Comedy Screensaver from Ordinary life s complex stuff. Simplify your life and your desktop with this american
  • Cambridge Dictionary of American English 8.30

    Cambridge dictionary of american English is a dictionary that comes with definitions for approximately 40,000 English words. Since it's only supposed to be a dictionary and nothing more, Cambridge dictionary of
  • American Idol Screensaver 3.0

    american Idol free Music and Dancing Scr... download the free american Idol Music and Dancing Screensaver from Be a part of the hottest music talent show on TV with an american Idol screensaver.
  • American Tract Society Bible Dictionary 5.5

    The free american Tract Society Bible dictionary for Windows Mobile?smartphones is a dictionary of the Holy Bible for general use in the study of the Scriptures. Based on the mobile industry standard BEIKS dictionary
  • Zhong Wen 0.2.1

    Ever tried to Ask someone where the bathroom is in Chinese but accidentally told them to piss off? Well that's a sign your Chinese is abysmal, and is an insult to your teacher and/or your Chinese-american heritage.
  • WordFinder with Collins Spanish Dictionary 2009

    WordFinder with Collins Spanish dictionary 2009 is a convenient dictionary in which you just select a word in the content to straightforwardly gain a suggestion. Such a search takes a fraction of second. You can often
  • 2400 7 Screensaver 3.0

    2400 7 free american Military Screensave... download the free 2400 7 american Military Screensaver from Be all that you can be with this U.S. Army screensaver. download the free 2400 7 american
  • English-Italian Phrase Book for Traveler 6.0

    The English-Italian phrase book targets English and american tourists visiting Italy. Based on the universal cross-platform BEIKS dictionary Reader (aka BDicty), the phrase book features over 2100 phrases in 27
  • Pledge of Allegiance Screensaver 3.0

    Pledge of Allegiance free american Pride... download the free Pledge of Allegiance american Pride Screensaver from Never forget the right words when you pledge with this handy screensaver.
  • Cambridge American English Windows 3.10

    The Cambridge dictionary of american English provides definitions for about 40,000 words and is compiled to offer what learners need most in a dictionary. With easy access, clear definitions, current vocabulary and
  • English Pronouncing Dictionary for Palm 1.5

    English Pronouncing dictionary. 127000 entries along with transcriptions. The dictionary is based on american English pronouncing. Being compressed this dictionary is suitable for even 2MB Palm OS
  • English to Turkish Dictionary for Palm 6.0

    The comprehensive and carefully selected English to Turkish dictionary, is an excellent choice for English travelers visiting a Turkish speaking country and for English students learning Turkish. The full dictionary
  • English to Ukrainian Dictionary for Palm 6.0

    The comprehensive and carefully selected English to Ukrainian dictionary, is an excellent choice for English travelers visiting Ukraina and for English students learning Ukrainian. The full dictionary version provides
  • American Symbols Screensaver 1.0

    Would you like to have the most famous american images all in one collection? Then what you need is to install this awesome american Symbols Screensaver. Enjoy the views of the american flag, Statue of Liberty, american
  • Ukrainian to English Dictionary for Palm 6.0

    The comprehensive and carefully selected Ukrainian to English dictionary, is an excellent choice for Ukrainian travelers visiting an English speaking country and for Ukrainian students learning English. The full
  • English to Russian Dictionary for Palm 6.0

    The comprehensive and carefully selected English to Russian dictionary, is an excellent choice for English travelers visiting a Russian speaking country and for English students learning Russian. The full dictionary
  • African American World Screensaver 3.0

    African american World free Black Histor... download the free African american World Black History Screensaver from An inspiring screensaver and desktop remembrance of African americans whose
  • Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary 4

    Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English dictionary 4 is a great utility to find English definitions of words, or Spanish definitions of English words. This is the perfect translation tool. The Spanish-English dictionary
  • Bush Cheney 2004 Screensaver 3.0

    Bush Cheney 2004 free american Politics ... download the free Bush Cheney 2004 american Politics Screensaver from Show your support for the Bush Cheney ticket with this screensaver featuring our
  • Kwanzaa - Our Family Heritage (tm) 2.5

    The only kind of software like this in the world, Kwanzaa - Our Family heritage will find a wide audience in the African-american community with its respectful, yet colorful treatment of this celebration. Sure to be a
  • English Logic Lite 3.0

    English Logic Software revolutionizes language learning with interactive applications for students of all ages and levels. With the vision of spreading the English Language throughout the world, our software helps
  • Vicon English-Italian Dictionary 2

    The handy Vicon English-Italian dictionary does not only include vast variety of subjects, but also contains both american and British forms of spelling. You will find all words as well as phrases, abbreviations &
  • Vicon English-French Dictionary 2

    The inclusive Vicon English-French dictionary includes both the american and British spelling forms while the terms from several subjects, such as Medicine, Electronics, Zoology, Business, etc are also included. You
  • ORFO Pro Russian 9.0

    ORFO 9.0 Pro Russian provides spelling, grammar and style checking, hyphenation and thesaurus functions for documents written in Russian language. New in ORFO 9.0: Windows Vista and MS Office 2007 applications support
  • TrueTerm Thesaurus- PC 5.0

    Editable, monolingual dictionary of synonyms : Demoversion German, English (GB/US), Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese (incl. Brazilian), Dutch and Swedish. Fullversion between 50,000 and 280,000 keywords and synonyms.